Download a Free eChart Lesson on Jericho

Download this free lesson from Exploring the Bible through History and see for yourself how easy it is to follow! Enjoy this activity-packed Bible lesson about Joshua and the battle of Jericho. From building gum-drop walls to creating their own shofar, kids will love:

  • Interactive object lesson
  • Acting out the walls tumbling down 
  • Playing a twist on tag called “Sneaky Spies” 
  • Guided conversations 
  • And more!

It’s just 1 of the 25 Bible lessons that are sure to capture your kids’ attention! Download your free eChart now!

New! Exploring the Bible through History

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The Bible spans thousands of years. How can you help kids get the big picture? Exploring the Bible through History is the ONLY teaching resource that features Bible curriculum as part of a visual time line.

Show kids ages 5–10 when these 25 key Bible stories really happened! From creation to revelation, these full-color downloadable Bible lessons are packed with over 120 activities, games, crafts, snacks, story reenactments, and more.

Includes reproducible coloring pages kids can collect to create their own Bible time lines!

Help kids understand the Bible’s place in history with real dates and people. Begin each lesson with a trip to your time line so kids can focus on a single story within the grand narrative of the Bible.

More activities! More coloring! More Bible dates! Get all the information you need to spark your child’s curiosity in one place.

Enjoy These Key Features

#1 24 Key Bible Lessons Plus a Bonus Lesson

Easily see how each full-color Bible story fits into the gospel narrative with these 24 stories from creation to revelation. Plus, enjoy a bonus lesson on God before creation! Captivate your kids with Bible facts, a time line reference, and more.   

Covers key Bible stories like:

  • Noah and the Flood
  • Moses and the Exodus
  • Jesus’ Life, Death, and Resurrection 
  • Paul and the Early Church 
  • And even more!

#2 24 Reproducible Coloring Pages 

80% of learning occurs visually! Give your kids the gift of a visual Bible time line with these reproducible coloring pages. It’s the ONLY interactive time-line-based product for children’s ministry, homeschool, and your children’s personal studies! 

Make learning Bible stories fun and easy with these coloring pages! 

Get creative with the reproducible coloring pages:

  • Build your own Bible time line.
  • Use as a take-home resource.
  • Ask the review questions as kids color.
  • Fill class time when parents run late.
  • And even more!

Plus, it includes historical dates for each page.

#3 125 Flexible Activity Options

Captivate your kids with 5 fun activity options per lesson. Choose between 125 object lessons, games, crafts, snacks, and Bible story reenactments.

Fully adaptable, each activity includes:

  • A materials list 
  • Step-by-step instructions     
  • Guided conversations
  • And more!

Keep kids excited about Bible learning with 125 activity options!

#4 Over 300 Discussion Questions to Build Bible Knowledge

Keep your kids engaged in the Word with over 300 discussion questions and guided conversations for each lesson. Plus, use the wide margins to add your own questions, tips, or notes!

Get creative with the questions! Ask them:

  • In small groups
  • During snack or craft time
  • While kids color the reproducible coloring pages
  • Have the winners of a game answer the question
  • And more!



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