4 Free Bible Object Lessons You Can Do At Home!

Did you know that about 80% of learning in children happens visually?

Yes, you read that correctly. That is why it is ESSENTIAL to invest in more visually stimulating ways to educate kids!

We learn more easily if we can connect an abstract concept with something visual or concrete. Flashcards, pictures, and objects help us to teach and also to learn. Gospel illusions (a.k.a. “magic tricks”) function in the same way—to the Nth degree!

How can you persuasively convey the message of God’s love visually? How do you visually demonstrate that God sent his one and only Son to die on the cross for us?

Don’t worry! We’ve got these amazing educational object lessons from the Gospel Illusions series that will give your kids a lesson to remember!

4 Free Videos for DIY Object Lessons!

Luckily for you, we already have these helpful videos laid out to help you teach your kids about the good news of Jesus brought to you by our RoseKidz coordinator, Karen McGraw!

Gospel Illusions will give you:

  • Step-by-step instructions for over 35 illusions
  • Photos showing how to do each major step
  • Scripts on what to say
  • Discussion questions to help kids apply key lessons to their lives

Combine these insightful videos with scripts, discussion questions, and impactful photos; and you will be more than ready to teach your kids Scripture based lessons that they will never forget!

“Complete in Christ” Paper Loop Object Lesson

“Nothing Is Impossible” Coin Trick Object Lesson

“Strength When Hurt” 2 Minute Object Lesson

“Empty Tomb” Resurrection Object Lesson

Gospel Illusions: Object Lessons You Can Do!

With step-by-step instructions (that include photos and scripts), Gospel Illusions makes it easy for ANYONE to add object lessons and illusions to children’s ministries, Sunday School classes, homeschool curriculum, and more. It features over 35 illusions that are sure to make your kids go–WOW But more importantly, they will help share the Word of God in a creative and memorable way.

Have you ever tried an object lesson and found yourself wondering, Am I doing this right? Most object lesson books are hard to follow since they don’t include photos Imagine having one that does

Gospel Illusions: Object Lessons You Can Do Includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions for over 35 illusions
  • Photos showing how to do each major step
  • Scripts on what to say
  • Discussion questions to help kids apply key lessons to their lives

Whether you are new to illusions or a pro, you’ll find new object lessons to use You don’t need to practice for hours, crossing your fingers that it will hopefully work. These illusions are quick, easy, and typically require less than 10-15 minutes of practice. Plus, each illusion has a one- to five-star rating for difficulty, so you can conveniently find the right one for your skill (and comfort) level.

Unlike other object lesson books, Gospel Illusions: Object Lessons You Can Do uses everyday items that are around your house, saving you time and money.

Please note: Illusions are not your average object lesson. They include a Sha-Bam moment that the kids didn’t see coming, capturing their attention and helping them remember key truths.

Features 38 Essential Topics and Stories Including:

  • Forgiveness/salvation
  • Daniel in the Lion’s Den
  • Jesus’ resurrection
  • We are the salt of the world
  • And more!

Softcover, fully reproducible, ages 5-12, 288 pages, 8 3/8 x 11 inches, ISBN 9781628628166.7 Key Features of This Easy-to-Do Object Lesson Book for Sunday School

  1. Step-by-Step Instructions & Process Photos. There are lots of great object lesson books out there, but not all of them SHOW you how the lesson should look. Enjoy having process photos AND detailed instructions for every step to guide you through each illusion easily
  2. Scripts. Comes with scripted dialogue cues on how to explain the significance and lesson behind each illusion.
  3. Discussion Questions. Includes relevant reflection questions for each illusion to help kids apply key truths to their lives.
  4. Unique Categorization. Wonder which object lessons are safest to try first? No need to wonder. Gospel Illusions’ star rating icons help you find one for your skill level.
  5. Anyone Can Do These From volunteers to teen teaching assistants, these object lessons are simple and easy to follow, using step-by-step instructions and household materials.
  6. Age-Appropriate. Save time and money when you have ONE object lesson book for grades K-8 Simple enough for kindergarteners to understand and engaging to pre-teens, these object lessons will wow and astound just about any kid
  7. Expert Advice. Written by experienced children’s pastor and professional illusionist Randy Burtis, Gospel Illusions is packed with fully scripted, easy-to-do object lessons and optic illusions.

About the Series

Instant Bible Lessons series offers a variety of Bible lessons to help kids grow closer to God in a hands-on way, using interactive activities. Age-appropriate, fully reproducible, and flexible, these books are packed with everything you need to teach the truths of God to children. The series offers lessons for children ages 2-12. The Instant Bible Lessons Series is a must for church or home use.

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