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We want our boys to be centered on Christ in these uncertain times, but how can we keep them engaged with Bible truths?In this week’s free eChart download, you’ll get a fun full-color devotion from My Place in God’s World that helps boys engage with the gospel message! This chapter is packed with 4 activities, a relatable devotional, discussion questions, and prayers that will inspire boys ages 6–9!This FREE download includes:

  • 2 relatable stories about children experiencing grief 
  • 4 discussions questions like “Who died so you can live? How does that make you feel?” 
  • Card-making craft to share the love of Jesus 
  • Step-by-step instructions to build a terrarium 
  • And more!

These are just a few pages from My Place in God’s World. Get the entire book for just $12.99. 

New! 52-Week Devotionals for Boys and Girls Just $12.99 (Reg. $16.99)!

How can you find engaging, age-appropriate devotionals to spark your boys’ interest? My Place in God’s World for boys ages 6–9 is bursting with 52 full-color relatable stories, over 200 age-appropriate activities, easy-to-do crafts, and prayer prompts covering a year’s worth of lessons.

You want your boys to have a personal relationship with Christ. But the Bible alone doesn’t capture their attention.Through relatable stories about kids encountering bullies, overcoming failure, and moving away from friends, the interactive questions, activities, and memory verses will teach boys about their idenitity and Christ and their place in God’s world. This devotion shows boys ages 6–9 how to place their trust in God, serve God, and love others with over 200 activities! It features:

  • 52-weeks of devotions 
  • 100 games, puzzles, and crafts 
  • Prayer prompts 
  • Discussion questions
  • And more!

Enjoy Having Devotions & Activities for the Entire Year!

The big game. The upcoming test. New friends. Growing up isn’t always easy, but Jesus wants kids to live it out with faith not fear.This 52‐week devotional packed with over 200 activities is intended to give boys ages 6–9 a guide to living out their faith in real life. 

Create Precious Opportunities for Kids to Connect with God! 

Reading My Place in God’s World will soon become a daily routine, focusing your child on the gifts that matter most—Jesus, love, and service to others.

Devotions for the Entire Year!

Give your child the incredible opportunity to connect with God and learn about his love, power, and truth in this brand new devotional! My Place in God’s World includes a devotion for every week of the year—that’s 52 devotions!

Each week includes:

  • 2 easy-to-understand weekly devotions 
  • 4 engaging and fun activities connected to the theme
  • Thoughtful prayer prompt and discussion questions to connect with God
  • And more!

Unwrap the True Meaning of My Place in God’s World

From loving others unconditionally to witnessing, the key topics covered in this interactive, full-color devotional will equip your child with the truth to stand strong in their faith.

Topics include:

  • Living God’s way through hard work, friendship, and forgiveness
  • Expressing emotions like anger and fear
  • Growing up and learning how to be a good example 
  • Being your best through honesty, respect, and patience.
  • And more! 

Features Over 200 Fun and Engaging Activities

It includes over 200 activitiesfrom crafts to games to snacks to puzzles that equip kids to live out their faith. 

Plus! Brand New Growing in God 52-Week Devotional for Girls

In the brand new devotional Growing in God, give girls ages 6–9 a full years worth of fun relatable stories based on popular Bible memory verses. Plus! Enjoy over 200 crafts, games, puzzles, and more!

Struggling to get reluctant kids into God’s Word? With so many changes in girls lives—from peer pressure to friend drama—it is hard to know how to apply what they learn at church. Give your girls a solid foundation with full-color age-appropriate devotions on topics that matter most: forgiveness, playing fair, expressing emotions, and more.Here are just some of the topics you’ll cover: 

  • Being a good example for younger siblings
  • Cleaning up after yourself 
  • Being kind to those who are unkind
  • Showing empathy to friends who are struggling 
  • Forgiving bullies 
  • And more!

Enjoy Easy-to-Read Devotionals to Engage Reluctant Readers

Make reading fun with these 52 devotions based on biblical truths! Packed with full-color pictures, relatable stories, and crafts, show girls ages 6–9 how to root themselves in Christ.Appeals to reluctant or new readers with large fonts and easy-to-read sections alternated with fun images, activities, and quizzes.

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