Sharing the Coronavirus Information with Our Children

Guest Post By Karen Whiting

Children panic when they don’t understand what’s happening and the routine changes. We want our children to face the crises calmly as that brings peace to them and the home. It also equips for future problems. A hands on approach helps a child remember more.

Teach Hygiene

Since the most important aspect for everyone is to wash our hands and not touch our faces turn that into play. Let them play in water with washing toys while sharing how that cleans the toys and cleans their hands. Let them drop a little food coloring into a glass of clear water and watch how it spreads. Explain that germs can spread in the air like the color spreads in the water. So, we need to protect ourselves from this new virus and the soap and water will help us do that. Read about Jesus washing his friend’s feet in John 13.

Share Health Signs

Take your child’s temperature and let your child take your temperature. Show on the thermometer what is a warning number to be concerned about and discuss other signs that you might be sick with a virus and it might be the coronavirus. Calm your child with the good news that most people get better, especially those who are healthy before they get sick. Eat a health snack and drink a glass of water. Talk about how healthy foods can help them stay well and help them get better faster.

Help Your Child Adapt to Staying at Home More

Show their baby photos and chat about how time goes so fast that you sometimes have missed spending more moments and days together. Now you have more time together so make plans to enjoy the time. List games to play and books to read together. Make up ways to have trips at home. You can set up a farm area with toy and stuffed cows, pigs, and other barnyard animals as well as books and maybe an online farm where you can hear animal sounds, and pretend to drive there on chairs with making car sounds. Go to the spot in your home and enjoy each animal. Discuss what the animals do that helps people and how people care for those animals.

Connect Long Distance

Connect over the distance with cards, calls, and online chats. Let your child have an online playdate with a good friend. It could be playing with cars together or having a distance tea party. Discuss ideas of what to do on the video call and invite the friend for that activity. Send out cards to give a distance hug. You can make a folded paper accordion with a hand cutouts glued to each end. Open it up and write “I’m sending you a big hug.” Mail these to friends and loved ones and read how Paul wrote greetings to friends.

Pray as a Family

When something bad happens we need to remember that it is not a surprise to God. He knows what has happened and what will happen. We need to trust God and pray together to thank God for community workers and ask God to keep us all safe.

Model Good Practices

Stay calm and wash your hands often. Avoid touching your face and your child’s face. Take a deep breath when you feel a little worry and say, “I take a deep breath to help me stay calm.” 

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