For Families at Home: 6 Free eCharts + Save 20% on RoseKidz Devos, Bible Lesson and Activity Books

Families at Home: Save 20% on Select RoseKidz Products

PLUS Get SIX Free Echarts for You to Use Immediately!

For Your Kids! For Your Friends’ Kids! For Families at Your Church! Enjoy these 6 FREE activities from RoseKidz to help families have fun and stay focused on the Bible while at home.

We know how hard it is to find entertainment for children day after day. Enjoy a wide variety of activities, devotionals, crafts, puzzles, and more—all available to instantly download for FREE.

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3 Free Kids’ and Family Devotionals

Download these free chapters and engage the whole family with these devotions centered on prayer and the Bible.

See Inside 52 Weekly Devotions for Busy Families

Enjoy the easy-to-follow format with a short Scripture reading on the Lord’s Prayer, optional hands-on activities and chat prompts to spark conversation between parents and kids.

Choose whatever activities are best for your family:

  • Make a family prayer journal
  • Get crafty with praise cups
  • Pray together
  • And more!

Discover 51 more ways to connect with God with RoseKidz’s best-selling devotional 52 Weekly Devotions for Busy Families.

Download Free Chapter

Free eChart Devotion about God’s Protection

Download this free chapter from Living Bravely and explore how God is our shepherd.

Enjoy this reminder for your kids that God always protects us. Kids ages 6–9 will be blown away by this full-color devotion packed with:

  • Easy-to-read stories
  • Discussion questions
  • Life applications
  • And fun activities!

This is just one chapter of the 52 devotions in Living Bravely that will strengthen your child’s personal faith in Jesus.

Download Free Chapter

Connect to God through Prayer with This Free Devotion

Download this free chapter from Conquering Fear about prayer.

In this time of fear and uncertainty, kids ages 10–12 will find comfort in this devotion focused on having an intimate relationship with God. Teach kids that God is never far away.
Get creative with your kids:

  • Interactive prayers
  • Write a poem
  • Draw a comic
  • Fill in the prayer templates
  • And more!

Get your pre-teens excited about God with the other 51 devotions found in Conquering Fear.

Download Free Devotion

2 Free Easter Bible Activities

Enjoy This Kid-Friendly Lesson about Jesus’ Death & Resurrection

Download this free chapter from Exploring the Bible Through History about Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Download this free chapter from Exploring the Bible Through History and see for yourself how easy it is to follow!

Teach kids ages 5-10 the power of Jesus with this activity‐packed Bible lesson about the Garden of Gethsemane and his resurrection. Enjoy 5 optional activities with the lesson and a coloring page!

This eChart from Exploring the Bible Through History just one of the 25 Bible lessons that will capture your kids’ attention and open their eyes to God’s Word!

Download Free eChart

Engage 2-5 Year-Olds with Activities on Jesus Entering Jerusalem

Download this free lesson from Top 50 Instant Bible Lessons for Preschool about Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem.

Teach your child this fantastic free Bible lesson from the Top 50 Instant Bible Lessons for Preschool!

The step-by-step instructions paired with easy-to-use resources make it perfect for an antsy afternoon at home. From a memory verse to memorize to discussion questions, and an age-appropriate Bible story, this free lesson will entertain kids and make God’s truth come alive!

It’s just 1 of the 50 Bible lessons that are sure to capture your kids’ attention as their eyes are opened to the truth of God’s Word!

Download Free eChart

Free Crafts and Games for the Whole Family

Use Household Items for These Fun Activities Centered Around Jesus Healing the Sick, Palm Sunday, and More!

This reproducible book is jam-packed with fun crafts and exciting projects that help children to better understand God’s Word.

Each project includes clear directions on how to build each craft using simple, everyday household items and materials.

Enjoy 6 activities that will keep your child engaged with the Bible. Includes:

  • A maze
  • Two crosswords
  • Hidden pictures
  • And more!

These are just a few of the hundreds of activities in The Super-Sized Book of Bible Puzzles and The Super-Sized Book of Bible Crafts. Save 20% on them both this week only!

Download Free Activities

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