5 Kids Boredom Busters for Social-Distancing and Homeschooling during the Coronavirus Quarantine

This is an unusual time for parenting and homeschooling. With the COVID-19 coronavirus quarantines, parents and kids are home. Schools are closed. Any sort of in-person educational programming is halted. So what can you do to make the most out of your time with your kids? How can you take a break from Netflix and video games? And how can you buffer your child from the fears and panic out there and let them refocus on God?

5 Boredom Busters for Social and Emotional Health

Kids don’t just learn important critical thinking skills at school either. They spend time with peers, teachers, and role models. They develop socially and emotionally. So how can you continue this development at home?

Studies show that having a child-parent routine activity (like singing, reading, or family dinners) drastically increases a child’s likelihood for having high levels of social-emotional health. For each additional family routine a parent and child share, the chances increase by 50%.* Having a shared child and parent routine not only helps a child learn and grow, but it communicates to them that they are secure, safe, and loved. This is especially important in these trying times.

1. Family Devotionals

Want to get the whole family together for a few minutes every day? These incredible family devotionals have the right mix of interaction, Scripture, biblical principles, and fun mixed into daily devotions! Enjoy these amazing features of our award-winning RoseKidz® Christian devotionals for families!:

  • Bible-Based and Packed with Daily Devotions. Provides key Bible verses, offers practical advice, and simple model prayers.
  • Age-Appropriate and Easy-to-Understand. Clear, short, and fun devotions! Each age-appropriate book is filled with short stories, easy-to-memorize Bible verses, and fun quizzes.
  • Great for Reluctant Readers. Appeals to reluctant or new readers with large fonts and easy-to-read sections alternated with fun images, activities, and quizzes.
  • Discussion Prompts. Relevant discussion prompts will get families talking about real-life issues like making smart money decisions, work ethic, and how to be a light wherever you go.

2. Bible Crafts and Puzzles

Creativity is a great outlet to get the imagination going! Enjoy having dozens of reproducible Bible Activities for kids and reproducible Bible crafts for children. These age-graded reproducible books contain fast and easy Bible activities that come with a materials list, step-by-step instructions, reproducible patterns, a memory verse and even what to say. Get new ideas that have Bible lessons and values tied in!

3. Object Lessons

Imagine having some of the best ready-to-go object lessons in kid’s ministry at your fingertips! Each lesson comes with step-by-step instructions, discussion questions, a memory verse, life applications, and more! Easy to follow directions create opportunities for children to remember the main theme using object lessons. Using science, illusions, and everyday objects, you can teach kids key themes such as God’s love with science, food, and more to keep them actively growing in God’s Word!

4. Interactive Bedtime Stories

Who doesn’t like to snuggle up with a good book? Enjoy these amazing features of our RoseKidz® Christian fiction chapter books!:

  • Faith-based: Each story, mystery, rhyme, or puzzle points to an important Christian value or Bible lesson.
  • Interactive: Don’t just read about exciting tales and stories–live them! These books include fun puzzles, rhymes, reflection questions, and hands-on activities that will engage your kids in fun and faith-building ways!
  • Relatable: Your kids will enjoy reading stories about kids just like themselves faced with exciting situations and challenging mysteries that they’ll overcome using faith and Christian principles.
  • Age-appropriate: Written by professionals in children’s literature, each book’s vocabulary is suited for preschool, elementary or preteen reading levels.

5. Reading the Bible Together

Last, but certainly not least! Help your children learn to read and use a Bible, how to know God’s Word – and to live by it – and to listen for His voice in their lives. The Bible can be difficult for kids to figure out. Between interpretation and more advanced words, it’s challenging for a parent to guide their child through God’s Word. So why not invest in your child’s faith with a kid’s Bible? Packed with helps, diagrams, illustrations, and more, these children’s Bibles will make God’s Word age-appropriate and fun!

*Source: “Family Routines and Social-Emotional School Readiness Among Preschool-Age Children,” Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics: February/March 2014 – Volume 35 – Issue 2, p 93-99.



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