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Easy recipes to try with your kids! What kids don’t love snacks? Try these fun recipes: easy pizza, soda-surprise cake, rainbow cupcakes, watermelon slush, breakfast roll-ups and MORE! Kids are always asking for a snack – now with these 2 free chapters of The Family Cookbook Devotional you can invite your kids to create their next meal or snack while they learn about God’s word. You’re sure to keep their attention with these delicious hands-on recipes.

This free download includes:

  • 2 free chapters of the new Family Cookbook Devotional: 50 Recipes for Faith, Food, & Fun!
  • Each chapter includes an easy recipe with a scripture verse, questions to think about, ideas for prayer and 6 days of daily dinner devotions.
  • Chapter 1: Solid Foundation – Easy Pizza
  • Chapter 2: God is Sovereign – Soda-Surprise Cake

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The Family Cookbook Devotional: 50 Recipes for Faith, Food, & Fun!


Busy life? Combine fun family cooking time and devotional lessons!

Kids make one of the 50 easy-to-follow recipes (with adult help) and combine it with a devotion—learning from God’s Word by connecting to the Bible, discussion questions, prayers, and memory verses.

Treats include homemade pizza, breakfast roll-ups, parfaits, rock candy and so much more!

This cookbook covers:

  • Knowing God
  • Faith Foundations
  • Christian Living
  • Holiday Devotions
  • All while having fun!

Enjoy 50 Easy Meals and Snacks Recipes

Enjoy these 25 easy to make recipes and 25 more!

Key Features of the Family Devotional Cookbook



Enjoy delicious easy meals and snacks to make with your children or grandchildren. Each recipe includes a set of simple, easy instructions along with a short list of ingredients.

From easy pizza, chocolate mug cake to the healthier chocolate-bean muffins and apple pizza you’re sure to find something your children or grandchildren love.


Talk About It

Discussion prompts and questions are provided to relate the cooking activity back to God’s word. This helps you focus the activity on biblical themes like the birth of Jesus, God Has a Plan for You, and God Cares about Us.

Talk About It starts simple with questions about the food your kids are creating and finds a way for you to easily relate it back to biblical principles.


Read About It

This section gives you a specific verse for your children or grandchildren to focus on throughout the activity.

It also doubles as the memory verse for the week to make sure your children remember the timeless truths of God long after them they’ve finished their delicious snack.


Think About It

Life’s busy, so the Family Cookbook Devotional provides you with questions to spark conversation with your children or grand children. Each devotion is paired with three questions to think about over the course of the week.

Think about it in Chapter 1 starts with “How can we make God’s Word the foundation of our lives?”.


Pray About It

To kick start prayer times, a list of ideas of things to pray about is provided each week.

Kids can gleam inspiration from this list of ideas to help them start forming the habit of prayer by themselves.


And Daily Dinner Devotions!

Each day the idea is to review the verse provided in the ‘Read About It’ section and continue a conversation about it. Two questions are provided for six days of the week to guide your conversation. Daily Dinner Devotions – Day 1 in Chapter 1 starts with:

“What are the things you spend most of your time on? The things we spend time on become the foundation of our life.”

Try the First 2 Chapters for FREE!

We’re giving away the first 2 chapters of the Family Cookbook Devotional: 50 Recipes for Faith, Food & Fun! Start combining cooking time and devotional lessons to make the most of your time with your children or grandchildren with these 50 easy meals and snacks.


Did your kids love the Easy Pizza and Soda-Surprise cake recipes? The Family Cookbook Devotional: 50 Recipes for Faith, Food & Fun! is available for preorder now!




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