Free “Labor Day” eChart from NEW Super-Sized Book

Free "Labor Day" eChart

Don’t just keep your kids busy this Labor Day—keep them learning Bible-based truths with these 3 free activities about being a willing worker. In Colossians 3:23, Paul reminds us to work at everything as if we are working for God. These easy-to-use activity pages give you step-by-step directions to keep kids engaged and learning this holiday.

This free “Labor Day” eChart featuring 3 fun activity pages is perfect for Sunday school, home, or parties.

This free download includes:

  • A matching game where kids match a tool to a Bible character’s job.
  • “Willing Worker” maze where kids follow the words of Colossians 3:23 to complete the path.
  • “Honor the Sabbath Day” coloring page of Jesus and his disciples sharing a meal.

These are just a few pages from the NEW Super-Sized Book of Holidays, Special Days, and Celebrations! Get the entire book for just $19.99.

For 3 Days Only

Get the New Super-Sized Book of Holidays, Special Days, and Celebrations for Just $19.99!

Creating engaging holiday activities for kids can be exhausting and difficult, let alone planning events for a whole year. Cut your holiday stress in half with the New Super-Sized Book of Holidays, Special Days, and Celebrations featuring over 250 activities for more than 40 special occasions. 

Free "Labor Day" eChart is taken from The Super-Sized Book of Holidays, Specials Days, & Celebrations - Bible Activities for the Whole Year

Imagine having a year-round activity guide featuring holidays like the National Day of Prayer, Labor Day, the Jewish New Year, Easter, and more! These easy-to-follow activities include memory verses, materials lists, step-by-step instructions and  guided conversations. Perfect for kids ages 5–10.

Keep God at the center of every celebration with:

  • Creative crafts
  • Mind-bending puzzles,  codes, & crosswords
  • Engaging coloring pages
  • Fun games
  • And more!

The reproducible and perforated pages make this gigantic book perfect for families, Sunday school teachers, ministry program leaders, classrooms, and more! Kids will encounter over 250 Bible-based holiday activities—all sure to keep kids excited and engaged! Get this for just $19.99!

Enjoy a Full Year of Celebrations

Features Activities for Over 40 Celebrations: Advent, Birthdays, Boxing Day, Children's Day, etc.

Key Features of The Super-Sized Book of Holidays, Special Days, and Celebrations

Free "Labor Day" eChart Full Activities Book for 40 Special Days inside

Includes Activities for 40 Special Days

How can you keep Christ at the center of every holiday gathering, even ones that are not traditionally religious? Teach kids ages 5–10 about honesty on President’s Day, caring for creation on Earth Day, honoring parents or guardians on Mother’s and Father’s Day, and more. It’s the perfect activity book to use as a main event or for keeping antsy kids occupied during a party or church event, while still keeping them engaged in Bible learning.

Use these reproducible pages as a:
• Main event activity
• Free-time filler in class
• Take-home resource
• And more!

Free "Labor Day" eChart from Activities Book has puzzles inside

Quick Prep Time

Press print on your copier and you’re set in minutes. Each reproducible activity is clearly organized with a materials list featuring every day items, and step-by-step activity instructions.

In addition, enjoy the guided conversations titled “What It’s All About” which provide a brief history of the holiday and how it relates to a Bible-based truth. You’ll never be at a loss for words and you’ll keep the kids engaged, too.

Over 250 Holiday Activities

Free "Labor Day" eChart from Full Activities book has Holiday-themed crafts inside.

Whether you are planning a family party or a Sunday school lesson, enjoy having over 250 ready-to-use reproducible activities for kids. Kids will search for verse words hidden in word searches, images, and mazes. Plus, they’ll enjoy holiday-themed crafts like this Valentine’s Day heart puzzle, or king and queen masks for Purim, or shamrock flowers for St. Patrick’s Day.

Engage in God’s Word with holiday activities including:
• Word searches
• Crosswords
• Mazes
• Codes
• Coloring Pages
• Crafts
• Games
• And more!

Free "Labor Day" eChart is from The Super-Sized Book of Holidays, Special Days, and Celebrations. Kids having fun with crafts.

Perfect for Church, Home, or Parties

Give yourself a break for the next holiday and let The Super-Sized Book of Holidays, Special Days, and Celebrations plan your events in minutes. Enjoy a full year’s worth of party ideas and activities to get your kids excited.

Most importantly, whether you use these activities for Sunday school, the classroom, or in your home, you will reinforce Bible-truths and make a permanent impression on the hearts of your children

Get The Super-Sized Book of Holidays, Special Days, and Celebrations for $19.99!



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