NEW! 28Nineteen Kids Bible Curriculum, Perfect for VBS, Sunday School, and More!

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Introducing a new Sunday school curriculum for kids that is Bible-centric, fun, and flexible! Are you a parent, children’s church leader, kids’ ministry volunteer, or Sunday school teacher? If so, you know that it can be hard for churches to choose the best activities for kids. There are so many curricula out there, but many sacrifice on features so that you’re left with a program that may be fun, but not scripturally sound—Or perhaps it’s Bible-based, but terribly boring. With this new 28nineteen curriculum, you don’t have to choose! Whether you’re looking for activities that kids can do while they wait for their parents, or you need a Bible lesson to fill an entire hour’s worth of Sunday school, this curriculum can help. It’s incredibly flexible so you can pick and choose the features that work best for YOUR kids and YOUR church. Choose from:

Each week, achieve your goal of reaching kids and their families for Christ. Following the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19, these Bible lessons and worship experiences are designed to meet this mandate from Christ, all while keeping your kids focused and engaged.

Take the guesswork out of Sunday morning: Choose from four Bible-based series!

If you lead or help out with the children’s programming in your church, you know that it can be hard to find lessons and activities that are BOTH Bible-based AND fun. Because while you want the kids to enjoy themselves, you also want to make sure they are hearing and understanding God’s word!

These four series from the new 28nineteen curriculum each focus on specific Bible passages:

J’s Diner teaches kids about Psalm 23

You know “The Lord is my shepherd…” but do your kids? J’s Diner is a 50’s diner-themed study on Psalm 23. In Sunday school, kids learn the truth of Psalm 23 through fun activities, engaging stories, and object lessons. In Children’s Worship, kids will laugh as they learn the lifelong truths in the Bible. By the end of this fun-filled series, kids will not only memorize Psalm 23, but also understand what each verse means!

Learn about the names of God with ZOOM

Jehovah, Adonai, Yahweh. Your kids have probably heard these names, but what do they mean? Learning the names of God helps us “zoom in” on different characteristics of God. ZOOM is a six week study on the names of God. In Bible Study, kids collect “clues” from the Bible to learn who God is. In children’s worship, junior detectives search for clues to catch The Puzzler and learn more about their benefactor, the mysterious Mr. Zoom. In addition, kids collect puzzle pieces with the names of God to help them take home the important lessons they learn each week.

JUMP News walks kids through the book of Luke

Jesus is the best news the word has ever received! JUMP News is a study of the life of Christ in the book of Luke. In Bible Study, kids are encouraged to spread the Good News and read the true stories of the Bible as though they were actually there themselves. In the children’s worship skit, two unsuspecting background employees are thrown into the limelight as new reporters. These crazy characters get to cover stories and learn lasting truths from the Bible.

The Story teaches kids about the judges in Israel’s history

God wants everyone to be a part of His story! The Story is a study of the judges in Israel’s history. God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. In Bible Study, kids read stories from Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, and Esther. In children’s worship, skit characters are transported into an adventure story. Throughout the skit, kids are allowed to choose what happens next in true mad lib style.

“J’s Diner is a seven-week study of Psalm 23 for elementary children. Using the 23rd Psalm is powerful and familiar. It was one of my first and favorite passages of scripture. . .[The] 112-page leaders guide will help keep your children in Sunday school and Bible school actively engaged while teaching the Bible passage for scriptural knowledge and real-life impact.I like that the crafts are included in the lessons where they make sense and can be helpful to children as they learn. Games repeat the theme of the good shepherd taking care of the sheep.In the resources section, there are seven reproducible placemats to be printed in grayscale. Decorated in the diner’s theme they use word games and puzzles for children to color and learn. These include a Word-find, Fill-in-the-Blank for Psalm 23, TicTacToe, Connect the Dots and several others. This is activity quick and easy to prepare and keeps the children focused and engaged. . .”

—Ann, Customer Review on

Where do I start?

If you’re part of a large church with an established Sunday school program, you might want to grab one of the all-inclusive “kits” that contain the leader guides, take-home resources, posters, and more. Or perhaps you’re a smaller church with just a few kids, and you might just need a leader guide or perhaps the take-home resources with engaging games and puzzles to teach kids the truth about the Bible. Whatever your size church or group of kids, there’s something here for you!



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