Famous Beards of the Christian Reformation

Did you know that this year is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation? Exactly 500 years ago on October 31st 1517, a man named Martin Luther took a manuscript and nailed it to the church doors in a town in Germany. On this piece of paper was his 95 theses, or 95 criticisms of the Catholic Church. What came to follow was the Protestant Reformation, during which many men and women in history helped build the Protestant Church and its many denominations.

Since tomorrow is the start of No-Shave-November, we thought we’d give a nod to famous beards of the Reformation! (Martin Luther himself is often depicted without a beard but you already know about him!)

1. John Wycliffe

What he did: An early translator of the English Bible, John Wycliffe was a critic of the Roman Church and believed that Christian faith should be centered around the Bible.

Beard rating: Father Christmas. He’s rocking the snow-white beard in full-commitment, so we have to give him a solid two thumbs up! Do you think he uses conditioner?

2. Johannes Gutenberg

What he did: Known as the father of the printing press, Gutenberg was the first to print the Bible. Can you imagine that before Jo came along, people were copying the Bible by hand?! Gutenberg was also known as a blacksmith and goldsmith. Crafty guy!

Beard rating: Probably this year’s recipient for best beard care, this is one great Guten-beard.

3. John Knox

What he did: John Knox was a Scottish minister and theologian and a leader in the Protestant Reformation. Knox fled the country to Switzerland and Germany when Catholicism was reestablished in England and it was there that he gained the values of Reformed theology. He brought it back with him on his return journey, sparking a revolution, and founded the Presbyterian Church of Scotland.

Beard rating: Scholarly bristles. Practical, yet stylish, right?

4. William Tyndale

What he did: As one of the first to translate the Bible into English, he risked his life poring over the pages of God’s Word for the sake of the public. He was eventually executed for blasphemy despite years of escaping capture.

Beard rating: Timeless. The beard that doesn’t go out of style–you can see hipsters from Brooklyn to Los Angeles with the same exact beards today. Great choice, Bill!

5. King Henry VIII

What he did: Splitting from the Church of Rome was King Henry VIII’s contribution to the Reformation. The Church of England ignited the rise of the Protestant movement in England.

Beard rating: Whispy whiskers. While not as full or glorious as the other beards listed, we can’t have his bristles covering such ornamental fashion, can we? Very practical too!

6. John Calvin

What he did: John Calvin, or Jean Calvin, was a French Protestant reformer. He created new forms of church and worship using liturgy and these have formed the bases of the Reformed, Congregational, and Presbyterian denominations.

Beard rating: Solid goatee. With a notable shape and soul patch, we have to tip our hats to his grooming skills and upkeep!

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