How Parents and Teens Can Better Control Their Anger

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How Can Parents and Teens Better Control Their Anger?


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You already know that adults and teens don’t always agree. As emotions escalate—teens may explode. Adults get angry. Words are exchanged. Voices are raised. Tensions are high. Teens feel misunderstood. Parents feel unappreciated. So, how can both parents and teens control their temper? How can leaders help families handle their frustration in a healthy way?

Sometimes, the underlying reason for anger is obvious. Often times, it’s not. In this free download, Dr. Jantz and Gregg Jr. tackle this important topic head on, answering the question: Why do I get so mad sometimes? This free download doesn’t just tell you why you should control your temper— but shows you how. It reveals why getting mad can seem like a normal or even right response (even if it’s not). Using practical tips, simple summaries, and discussion questions, it covers how both teens and parents can better control their anger.

In this chapter, you will find out:

  • How wanting to be right fuels anger
  • The link between anger and a false sense of power
  • 8 practical tips for teens and 5 ways for parents to control their anger

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Puberty and Body Changes

Puberty & Body Changes

  • Growing pains: What’s going on with my body?
  • Zits & acne: What can I do about it?
  • Where do babies come from?
Friends, Parents, and Family Relationships

Friends, Parents, and Family Relationships

  • How do you handle a broken heart? Peer pressure? Bullies?
  • How can I be sure of my friends? Why are some people so mean?
  • If I’m becoming an adult, why do my parents treat me like a kid?
  • Why is it so hard to talk to my parents? Why do they always seem to be afraid?
Attraction, Dating, Sex

Attraction, Dating, Sex

  • How do I talk to someone I like? Why are girls and guys so different?
  • Why should only married people have sex?
  • What’s so wrong with pornography?
God and Faith

God and Faith

  • Why do I have to go to church?
  • What will God do if I really mess up?
  • How can I forgive someone who is wrong?
Choices and Identity

Choices and Identity

  • Why do I have to be me?
  • Why do my parents hate the music I like?
  • What’s wrong with what I want to wear? Why does it matter?

Jumpstart Conversations with Your Preteen or Teenager with these Application Options

Getting good information is great, but what’s better is when you take that information and apply it to your life. Each topic includes practical exercises to Talk It Out, Act It Out, and Think It Out.

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