Pastor’s Appreciation Crafts and Activities!

8 Free Kids Activities for Pastor Appreciation Month

echartShare these incredible Bible activities with your friends, family, teachers, and kids leaders FOR FREE!

October is Pastor’s Appreciation Month, making now the perfect time to teach your kids about honoring those that teach and lead them at church! From crafts and puzzles to sing-alongs and games, this free download includes 8 activities you can use to celebrate your pastor and his wife. Add them before, during, or after your lesson to jumpstart discussions about honoring others. Perfect for preschool- elementary. Download it now

This free eChart is just 8 activities out of the 65 activities from “I Learn Respect” Instant Bible Lessons. Each full lesson includes a Bible story, key memory verse, and even more activity options! Get the complete Instant Bible Lesson book for just $8.99. Shop now and save $5.


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Give Thanks to God (Instant Bible Lessons for Nursery)

Appropriate for Ages: 0-18 months

More and more studies show that the care and words spoken to babies during early childhood development really matter. This is great news. It means it’s never too early to start teaching babies about God’s love for them! So, how can you start teaching babies about God?

As you hold, rock, change, feed, and play with babies, the lessons in this book will help you teach children how to give thanks to God! It includes everything you need to teach eight complete lessons with over 65 themed-Bible activities you can use! Covering everything from thanking God for their family to thanking God for church, each lesson will teach little ones the importance of gratitude. It includes great lessons for Thanksgiving!

Each reproducible lesson includes a short Bible story, step-by-step instructions, and multiple activity options that are all age-appropriate! Enjoy having over 65 activities for your nursery!

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Instant Bible Lessons: Give Thanks to God



God Blesses Me (Instant Bible Lessons for Toddlers)

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

Appropriate for Ages: 1-3

Get toddlers excited about God with these fully-illustrated, reproducible Bible lessons!

You already know that toddlers have short attention spans and can get… wiggly. Imagine having 65 different activities that will keep them actively engaged as they learn about their Heavenly Father and the world around them! Each lesson begins with a short Bible story followed by an engaging visual that teachers can make to enhance learning. Then a variety of themed Bible puzzles, games, crafts and snacks that will help kids remember the lesson!

Your kids will smile from ear to ear as they talk about God’s blessings toward them, including food, their families, pets, and more!

Instant Bible Lessons: God Blesses Me

Perfect for children’s church, mid-week services, Sunday School, homeschool, after-school sessions, and kids ministry!

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I Learn Respect (Instant Bible Lessons for Preschoolers)

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Appropriate for Ages: 4-5

Packed with puzzles, games, crafts, and awesome Bible stories, this reproducible kids’ Bible lessons will keep your preschoolers involved in creative and active learning as they find out about respect!

Each reproducible lesson includes a short Bible story, step-by-step instructions, and over 65 exciting Bible activities you can use. The variety of activity options allows you to shape and customize your lesson for your class. Kids will find out the importance of respecting their parents, missionaries, pastors, God’s church, and more!

Perfect for children’s church, mid-week services, Sunday School, homeschool, after-school sessions, and kids ministry!

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Instant Bible Lessons: Talking to God



Walking with Jesus (Instant Bible Lessons for Elementary)

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Appropriate for Ages: 5-10

Invite kids to walk with Jesus by teaching them important lessons from his life! From Bethlehem and Nazareth to Samaria and Bethany, kids will find out about Jesus’ birth, Jesus’ miracles, and more! Not only will they learn about the countries and customs of Bible places, they will also learn about the life of our wonderful Lord. Each of the all-inclusive, extended lesson plans comes with a Bible story, memory verse, discussion questions, 8 activity options, and teachers tips!

Packed with over 64 flexible activity options, you can easily customize your lesson to your class—whether large or small, active or quiet, kindergarten or upper elementary.

Instant Bible Lessons: Walking with Jesus


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Equipped for Life (Instant Bible Lessons for Preteens)

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

Appropriate for Ages: 10-12

Being a preteen isn’t always easy, but these reproducible Bible lessons will show your kids how to trust God.

Packed with cool stories, fun games, discussion questions, and awesome Bible activities (crafts, skits, and creative projects this reproducible Bible lessons cover key Bible passages that will equip them for life, including the Lord’s Prayer, the 10 commandments, the Beatitudes, the Armor of God, and more! It includes eight extended lesson plans and 60 activity options, making it easy to shape and customize your lesson for your class.

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Instant Bible Lessons Equipped for Life



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