5 Free Bible Puzzles and Activities for Kids

5 Free Bible Puzzles and Activities

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Enjoy having 220 Bible puzzles at your fingertips, including crosswords, mazes, word searches, word scrambles, hidden messages, and more! Get it for just $9.99

Super-Sized Bible Puzzles

Overall Customer Rating:4.5 Stars

This super-sized book doesn’t include just a few activities on top Bible stories— but ALL 220 puzzles are on well-known Bible stories! From Moses and Jonah to Jesus and Paul—your kids will have tons of fun discovering God’s Word while stretching their minds with Bible puzzles!

Easily use these puzzles to jumpstart your lesson. In the last five minutes of class. During a snack break. When parents are running late. Or when you need a fun activity at home! It covers dozens of key Bible stories, such as: David and Goliath; Daniel and Lion’s Den; Jonah; Esther; the life and ministry of Jesus; the Apostle Paul and More! Quickly prep, review, or add depth to your lesson with these Bible puzzles! Perfect for Ages 5-10.

  • Features a Wide Variety of Activities, including:
    • Mazes, Word Searches, Crossword Puzzles
    • Word Scrambles, Hidden Pictures, StoryBoards
    • Connect-the-Dots, and Much More!
  • Covers Top Bible Stories, including Creation, Noah’s Ark, Abraham, Moses, Esther, Daniel, King David, Jesus, Paul, and more!
  • Easy PrepSimply copy and go! Each activity includes a key verses, short explanation of a Bible story, and activity! (Answer key is provided)
  • Reproducible: Perforated and fully-reproducible (make as many copies as you need)

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Super-Sized Book of Bible Puzzles

Flexible Use! Some puzzles are easy enough for younger grades, such as matching activities. Some are more challenging for older kids, such as word searches, crosswords, mazes, and more! Order now and save 50%

“Wow [It] is way more than just a puzzle book…I love the lessons, coloring pages, and worksheets… It defiantly makes putting a lesson together a lot simpler. The kids in my Children’s church class loved [it].” — Tiffany Stotesbury, Rose Customer Review
“I think the variety of puzzles included in this book is one of the things I like best. The kids won’t be bored with the same type of puzzle—every one is a bit different.” — Mrs Anne L Johnson, Amazon Customer Review
“These are not your average Bible puzzles! I’ve been involved in kids ministry for over 12 years and these are some of the most creative and fun puzzles I’ve ever seen! There’s a puzzle for almost every Bible story I teach! You’ll find yourself using this book over and over again!”
— Katelyn C., Children’s Ministry Leader, Kids Speaker, and Rose Employee

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5 Free Bible Puzzles
and Activities for Kids

Enjoy having 5 Bible Puzzles and Activities that Will Build Kids’ Faith!


Share these incredible Bible activities with your friends, family, teachers, parents, and kids leaders FOR FREE!

Packed with puzzles, crosswords, and mazes, this free download features activities that will keep kids actively engaged as they learn about the miracles of Jesus!

Imagine seeing someone walking on water towards you. What would you do? What would your kids do? Would their mouths drop open? Would they scream? From walking on water to healing the blind, Jesus performed incredible miracles! Enjoy having 5 Bible activities that show how awesome and powerful Jesus is! Easily use these printable Bible activities any time—Whether before, during, or after your Bible lesson. Each activity includes a key Bible verse, short explanation of a Bible story, and easy-to-follow activity directions.Appropriate for ages 5-10.

Enjoy having puzzles and activities that cover key miracles of Jesus:

  • Jesus Walking on Water
  • Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man
  • Jesus Heals a Blind Man
  • Feeding of 5,000/ Loaves and Fishes
  • And more!

This free eChart includes 5 puzzles activities from the bestselling Super-Sized Bible Puzzles Book, which is packed with over 220 puzzles, mazes, wordsearches, and more! Save 50% on this Super-Sized Book of Bible Puzzles.

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The Super-Sized Bible Puzzle Book (Reproducible)

Super-Sized Bible Puzzle (Ages: 5-10)Appropriate for Ages: 5-10

Enjoy having over 220 mind-bending puzzles, twisting mazes, and fun Bible activities at your fingertips. Easily use them before during, or after you Bible lessons. Perfect for Sunday School Teachers, kids ministry leaders, parents, grandparents, homeschoolers, and more!

How can you review key points of your lesson (without making it boring?) What do you do if you end up having “extra time” in your class? Want to add a quick activity to your lesson?

Your kids will have tons of fun learning about God’s Word with this gigantic book jam-packed with fun Bible puzzles and crazy mazes! The Super-Sized Book of Bible Puzzles lets kids stretch their minds while solving clever puzzles about the Bible. As they focus on solving the puzzle they are actually focusing on the important themes of each lesson, helping them to remember key information. Each activity includes a key memory verse, explanation, clear instructions, and fun activities. Fully-reproducible and perforated, they are perfect for Sunday School, Christian Home School Curriculum, Kids Church, and more!

  • Word Searches
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Mazes
  • Word Scrambles and Hidden Messages
  • Connect-the-dot pages, and much more!

Bring even more great Bible teaching into your home or classroom with The Super-Sized Bible Puzzle Book—Just $9.99 (Reg. $19.99). Perfect for Kids ministry, children’s church, VBS, homeschool, or for parents wanting to teach their kids more about God. Order today to save $10 while supplies last

Super-Sized Book of Bible Puzzles

“…these puzzles do a wonderful job of engaging the child with the Scriptures…” —Wayne Davies, Customer Review
“This is one of the most useful products that Rose Publishing has put out…The activities are not only useful, but varied, including puzzles of different types, hidden pictures, and so, so many of the well-known stories of both Old and New Testaments are included.” —Beverly Webster, Rose Reviewer

Features Over 220 Bible Puzzles on Key Bible Stories and Lessons:

  • Old Testament Bible Stories:

    Creation, Cain and Abel, Abraham, Moses, Jonah and the Whale, Noah’s Ark, Daniel and the Lions Den, Joshua and Jericho, David and Goliath, Esther, and more!

  • New Testament Bible Stories:

    Jesus’ Birth, Jesus’ Miracles, Jesus’ Parables, Jesus’ Death and Resurrection, the Apostle Paul, and more!

  • Developing Christ-Like Character:

    Respect, Obedience, Faith, Loyalty, Kindness, and more!

  • Important Life Lessons:

    How to pray, how to be saved, how to tell others about Jesus, how to avoid temptation, and more!

Whether you use these puzzles for kids church or in your home, you will be reinforcing key Bible and creatively making a permanent impression on hearts of your children! Get this incredible book for just $9.99

“..a gem of a resource for any Christian school or church-related activity. 220 printable pages are cataloged by the books in the Bible, making it easy to find the puzzle suitable for your topic…. This puzzle book has enough activities for a full year of Sunday classes using two different levels of skills.” — Ann Sanger, Rose Reviewer

4 Key Benefits of the Super-Sized Book of Bible Puzzles

  1. Age-Appropriate—Includes fun, kid-friendly Bible puzzles that get even the toughest kids thinking! It includes a range of both easy and challenging puzzles. Perfect for ages 5-10.
  2. Quick Prep and Fully-Reproducible— Easily remove and copy these perforated pages. The book is fully-reproducible, so you can reproduce as many copies as you need.
  3. Packed with Bible Puzzles and Activities— It includes more than 220 puzzles and activities that teach meaningful Bible stories in just a matter of moments!
  4. Features Memory Verses and Bible Stories— Each activity page includes a scripture verse and brief Bible story. Now you can introduce (or review) key Bible lessons with fun puzzles! Kids won’t believe they’re learning at the same time

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