Free “Key Bible Story Activities” eChart

Are you looking for a new, creative way to teach kids about classic Bible stories? In this week’s free eChart, teach kids about 4 key Bible stories with the help of fun crafts and activities!

Featuring memory verses, Bible lessons, materials lists, and instructions, each activity is easy to lead and will help kids learn key Bible truths.

This week’s free eChart features just a few pages from 5-Minute Sunday School Activities: Forever Faithful and Exploring the Bible. Get each book for just $7.50 each for this week only!

5-Minute Sunday School Activities: Forever Faithful

With 5-Minute Sunday School Activities: Forever Faithful, teach kids about 43 Bible stories of God’s involvement and care through difficult times!

Kids will be encouraged as they see how God can help them overcome anything they face in their lives as well. Help kids ages 5-10 grow in their faith in God to provide, protect, and prevail in any situation!

5-Minute Sunday School Activities: Exploring the Bible

With 5-Minute Sunday School Lessons: Exploring the Bible, enjoy having everything you need to teach your kids the Bible’s greatest hits!

Packed with memory verses and interactive crafts, this book illustrates important Bible lessons to help kids apply these values to their everyday lives! 

5-Minute Sunday School Activities Sale
Save 50% on These Activity-Packed Books for Kids

Teachers are often left with a few extra minutes after the Bible lesson is finished, or while they wait for class to start. What do you do with this spare time? With Five-Minute Sunday School Activities, fill those valuable extra minutes with fun Bible activities!

Whether you use them before, during, or after your Bible lesson, Five-Minute Sunday School Activities provide quick activities that teach important Bible truths!

Featuring over 40 quick-prep Bible lessons, activities and unique crafts, each book includes everything you need to teach fun, Bible-based lessons! Enjoy having a wide variety of activities that can be used either as entire lessons or as quick free-time fillers!

Key Features of the 5-Minute Sunday School

Activities Series


Jam-Packed with Over 40 Activities and Bible Lessons

Each book includes over 40 age-appropriate lessons, crafts, and activities that teach meaningful Bible lessons! Keep kids engaged in Bible learning as they work on fun, fully-reproducible activities!

Plus, each craft includes a Bible lesson, memory verse, and a discussion question, making it easy to relate each activity to Bible learning!


Flexible and Fully-Customizable Lessons

Activities can be used anytime—before the Sunday School lesson, at the end of class, during the snack break, and more!

Each activity also includes “Extra Time” suggestions with instructions on how to turn the activity into a complete lesson. Enjoy having engaging questions, journaling ideas, and exciting games!


Quick Prep Time & Easy on the Wallet

Each activity includes a materials list, instructions, preparation ideas, and talking points, making it easy for anyone to lead! Crafts also use readily-available materials like colored paper, scissors, glue, and markers.


Bursting with Favorite Bible Stories

Each book includes fun, kid-friendly Bible topics to get even the toughest kids thinking! Enjoy having activities on popular Bible stories such as Creation, Noah’s Ark, Jesus’ birth, and Paul’s missionary journeys.

Plus! Every activity reinforces a memory verse related to a Bible story truth.  

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