Free “Kids Hanukkah & Christmas Activities” eChart

The Festival of Lights, or Hanukkah (Nov 28–Dec 6), is here! Don’t just keep your kids busy this holiday season; keep them learning with these exciting celebration activities for children ages 5–10.

This free eChart is perfect for planning a Festival of Lights family night! Read the Hanukkah story, play the dreidel game, and discover the I-Spy Hanukkah items coloring page.

Plus, color and build your own pop-up nativity set with Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, a manger, and a star stand. Children will also enjoy a Christmas-themed maze to help Jesus get from Heaven to Earth.

Traveling for the holidays? Print out the pages for the kids to enjoy on the road. This week’s free eChart includes:

  • Festival of Lights Story and Coloring Page
  • Dreidel Game
  • Pop-Up Nativity Craft
  • Why Jesus Came to Earth Maze

These reproducible activities are just a few from The Super-Sized Book of Holidays, Special Days, and Celebrations. To get games, crafts, and codes for over 40 year-round celebrations, get the whole book for just $12.99. Save 50% on the whole series for this week only!

The Super-Sized Book of Holidays, Special Days, and Celebrations

Cut your holiday stress in half with over 250 activities for more than 40 special occasions.

Keep Christ at the center of every holiday gathering, even ones that are not traditionally religious! Teach kids ages 5–10 about honesty on President’s Day, caring for creation on Earth Day, honoring parents or guardians on Mother’s and Father’s Day, and more. 

Keep God at the center of every celebration with:

  • Creative crafts
  • Mind-bending puzzles,  codes, & crosswords
  • Engaging coloring pages
  • Fun games
  • And more

The Super-Sized Book of Bible Activities

In search of the perfect main activity, free-time filler, or take-home resource to accompany your Sunday school lesson? This book is packed with over 200 reproducible puzzles, games, crafts, and snacks spanning stories from Creation to Revelation. 

Children can complete activities from this book on their own, in groups, or with an adult. Just pick an activity that fits the Bible lesson, tie in the included memory verse, and find the necessary supplies. Creating a Bible-focused adventure is that easy.

Each lesson includes:

  • Scripture reference & memory verse
  • Bible-based activity (game, craft, code, snack, etc.)
  • Materials list
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • And more!

The Super-Sized Book of Bible Coloring & Art

Finding exciting Bible-based activities for kids can be hard work—especially activities that span the entire Bible! Enjoy over 200 fully-reproducible coloring activities for kids ages 5–10, including memory verses and Bible story summaries!

This is more than your average coloring book. Each reproducible coloring page includes a memory verse and Bible story summary to help your kids soak up God’s Word. Includes:

  • Coloring pages
  • Color-by-Number
  • Connect-the-Dots 
  • I Spy
  • And more!

Perfect for Sunday school, homeschool, as a take-home resource, or free-time filler. 

Super-Sized MEGA Sale!

Save 50% on These Activity-Packed Books for Kids 

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The busiest time of the year is almost here. Cut your holiday stress in half and keep kids engaged in Bible learning with Rose’s Super-Sized Bible activity books! Bursting with over 200 fully-reproducible activity pages based on your favorite Bible stories, these books are sure to spark your kids’ attention!

These activity books are perfect to use as a main event or for keeping antsy kids occupied during a party or church event!

Perfect for:

  • Sunday school teachers
  • Homeschool parents
  • Ministry program leaders
  • And more!

For this week only, Save 50% on these Super-Sized activity books! Get each one for just $12.99.

Give Your Kids Hours of Bible-Centered Fun

The Super-Sized books are bursting with games, crafts, codes, mazes, coloring pages, and more! 

Key Features of the Super-Sized Series


Jam-Packed with Over 200 Activities

These Super-Sized books offer over 200 pages of reproducible Bible activity pages perfect for Sunday school, homeschool, mid-week ministries, or parties.

Each book in the series is centered around a certain type of activity, like games, crafts, coloring pages, holiday activities, and more! 

Use the Bible story index at the back of the book to find the perfect activity for your lesson that will not only review the content, but spark your child’s interest and keep them engaged in Bible learning.  

Use these activities as:


Quick Prep Time & Easy on the Wallet

Spend less time and money prepping your Bible lesson by using these easily reproducible Bible activities that your kids will love. The perforated and fully-reproducible pages will help you get the fun puzzles, codes, coloring pages (and more) in the hands of your kids faster!

Plus, enjoy simple materials lists including readily-available items like colored paper, scissors, glue, markers, and more.

With the push of a button on your copier, some sharpened pencils and crayons, you’ll be teaching and entertaining children in no time!


Bursting with Favorite Bible Stories

Each book includes fun, kid-friendly Bible topics to get even the toughest kids thinking! Enjoy having activities on popular Bible stories such as Creation, Noah’s Ark, Jesus’ birth, the shepherds and angels, and also Paul’s missionary journeys.

Plus! Every activity reinforces a memory verse related to a Bible story truth.

The activities cover important biblical themes like: 

  • Repentance
  • Obedience
  • Evangelism
  • Faith
  • Loyalty
  • And so many more!

Whether you use these activities for Sunday school, the classroom, or in your home, you will reinforce Bible truths and make a permanent impression on the hearts of your children.

“This really is “super-sized” with over 200 different Bible related activities. . . Another fantastic feature is the fact that the activities vary in difficulty, so they can be used with multiple ages and grade levels”

—NJKelly, Online Customer Review of The Super-Sized Book of Bible Activities

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