Free eChart Lesson on “Jesus Is King”

FREE: eChart Lesson on “Jesus is King” — Download Free Chapter

How can you apply animals in the Bible to kids’ lessons? Learn how in this free eChart on donkeys!

Teach kids that Jesus is King with this activity‐packed Bible lesson about donkeys! Tradition says that Mary rode a donkey to Bethlehem where she gave birth to the newborn King. As an adult, Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem as a sign that he was a servant King of the Jews. Learn about the significance of the donkey with this free eChart which includes:

  • Bible story
  • Relay race game
  • Object lesson about transportation
  • “Hop for the King” hopscotch game
  • Donkey parade activity
  • Reproducible donkey craft
  • Memory verse
  • And more!

It’s just one of the 50 Bible lessons that are sure to capture your kids’ attention! Download this free eChart from the Top 50 Bible Lessons with God’s Amazing Animals and see for yourself how easy it is to follow!

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Explore God’s Word through animals with 50 key Bible stories for kids ages 5–10, including Noah’s Ark, Daniel in the Lion’s Den, the 10 Plagues and more! Featuring over 200 games and activities, the Top 50 Bible Lessons with God’s Amazing Animals combines biblical truths with animal stories to spark any child’s curiosity.

Have you ever read through a curriculum book and wondered: will this activity actually work for my class? Will we have enough time?

Since every class is different, this lesson book provides not 1 but 3 optional activities for EACH lesson, making it easy to find the right one for you!

Whether you are new to kids’ ministry or are a pro, you’ll find new object lessons, games, and ideas with over 200 activity options!

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You don’t need a zoo or a pet to teach these lessons! Each lesson contains step-by-step instructions and guided conversations to keep you on track.

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Enjoy detailed instructions for each step of the lesson!

Top 50 Bible Lessons with God’s Amazing Animals is packed with 50 important Bible truths! Teach children (ages 5–10) about God’s abundant creation through lessons about big cats, dogs, wolves, horses, donkeys, birds, and more.

Each lesson includes:

  • Opening game
  • Bible story and object lesson
  • 3 optional activities
  • Reproducible activities
  • Memory verse
  • And more!

Includes Step-by-Step Instructions for 200 Activities

You know your students best. That’s why Top 50 Bible Lessons with God’s Amazing Animals allows YOU to choose the activities that work best for your classroom. Featuring materials lists, guided conversations, and reproducible pages, it lays out all the essential information you need for a complete lesson.

It includes incredible resources for teachers:

  • Reproducible take‐home sheets
  • Step‐by‐step instructions
  • Teacher scripts
  • Materials lists (uses everyday materials)

Enjoy Over 40 Reproducible Activities!

Cut your prep time in half!

With a press of a button, copy these reproducible activities. Choose from mind-bending mazes, word searches, crafts, games, and more.

Use as take-home pages, time-fillers, or in-class activities! These reproducible pages equip kids to grow closer to God in an interactive way!

It covers 50 key Bible stories, including:



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