God Can Use My Life in Super Incredible Ways – Free Superhero-Themed Devotional

Read This!

Jonathan turned the map sideways. Beside him, his sixteen-year-old sister, Malia was driving the car. “Right or left?” she asked as they approached the intersection. Jonathan turned the map again. “Right or left?” Malia’s voice rose. “I’m not sure,” Jonathan admitted, “My phone just died and I’m not sure where we are on this map!”

Have you ever had to use a map? It can be tricky! If you don’t know how to use the map correctly, it can be pretty easy to get lost. Thankfully, in today’s world, you can find a map with the click of a button on your computer or phone.

No matter if it’s on paper or on your phone, we all need maps when we’re heading to new places. Without them, we’ll get lost and not know where we’re going. The same is true when we’re trying to figure out where we should go or what we should do in life. We need someone to guide us and direct us.

God promises that he will direct our lives if we follow him. He has a super incredible plan for every day of our lives if we’re willing to ask him, trust him and follow him!

Memory Verse

I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.

Psalm 32:8

Fear Buster

God has a great big plan for our lives! We don’t need to be scared of what the future holds when we ask him to direct us.

Try This!

Answer these question in your devotional/notebook:

  • Are you good at directions? Test your knowledge by writing directions from your house to your school, church, or other familiar location. Be as specific as possible—include road names, building names, and specific turns. Once you’re finished, ask an adult to check your directions!
  • One of the ways we can hear God’s direction for our lives is to pray! On this page, write a prayer to God asking him for help and direction. You can ask for help in situations right now or things that will come in the future!

Want more devotionals for kids like this? Check out our Super Incredible Faith Series! This devotional is from the title Conquering Fear: 52-Week Devotional!

Conquering Fear: 52-Week Devotional

The big game. The upcoming test. New friends. Growing up isn’t always easy, but Jesus wants you to live it out with faith not fear. This 52-week devotional packed with over 100 activities is intended to give preteens a guide to living out their faith in real life—by introducing them to Jesus as the ultimate superhero.

From loving others unconditionally to witnessing, the key topics covered in this interactive, full-color devotional will equip your preteen with the truth to stand strong in their faith.

4 Key Features of RoseKidz’s Conquering Fear Devotional:

  1. Full-Color Illustrated Interior-Eye-catching and visually stunning, these devotions are super engaging and powerful.
  2. Interactive–Filled with dozens of action-packed activities, puzzles, games, and crafts, each devotion will be a hands-on learning experience for your kid.
  3. 12 Key Topics Across 52 Weeks of Devotions-Enjoy having a year of exciting devotions on topics like following Jesus, going to church, and more!
  4. Age-Appropriate–For superhero kids ages 10-12, each devotion was styled and written to be relevant and meaningful to your preteens.

Greater than any celebrity or figment of our imaginations, Jesus is a truly incredible superhero! He invites us into his adventure! This devotional will introduce the truth about who Jesus is—sharing about his life on earth, ministry, and resurrection.

Softcover, full color, 320 pages, 6 x 9 inches, ISBN 9781628627824.



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