FREE Downloadable Easter Coloring Sheet for Kids’ Sunday School

Easter is just around the corner so we wanted to share a FREE coloring sheet for your kids, grandkids, and students from our bestselling Easter book by Meadow Rue Merrill and illustrated by Disney animator Drew Krevi, The Backwards Easter Egg Hunt! In The Backwards Easter Egg Hunt, Molly and her family learns the true meaning of Easter and salvation! This coloring sheet is perfect for Sunday school, homeschool, an after school break, snack time, and more! Download it now! Click to download and print the entire coloring sheet!

The Backward Easter Egg Hunt

Six-year-old Molly can’t wait for Aunt Jenny’s famous, annual Easter egg hunt at Lantern Hill Farm. But something’s different this year. Instead of hiding eggs filled with prizes, Aunt Jenny passes out empty Easter eggs! With a specially prepared rhyming list, the children embark on a scavenger hunt to fill the empty eggs with items that remind them that Jesus died on a cross and rose again. Molly and the other children learn about the true meaning of Easter! Includes a fun family activity that you can make part of your annual Easter tradition to celebrate Jesus!

4 Key Features of The Backward Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Christ-Centered: Focusing on Jesus’ resurrection, loving God, and serving others, The Backward Easter Egg Hunt encourages a biblical way of observing Easter and paves the way for a Christ-centered foundation for your kids for life!
  2. Eye-Catching and Colorful Illustrations: Fun and engaging illustrations (by Disney animator Drew Krevi) that will keep even the shortest attention spans glued to this heartwarming story of celebrating Christ at Easter.
  3. Age-Appropriate: For your kids aged one to four years old, The Backward Easter Egg Hunt board book can make the perfect read-to-me bedtime book. (This story also is available in a picture-book format for kids 4-7 to read on their own.)
  4. Hands-On Family Activities: At the back of the book are easy-to-follow suggestions and ideas for building your very own backward Easter egg hunt that you and your kids can do every year!

The Backward Easter Egg Hunt picture and board books by Meadow Rue Merrill are engaging illustrated books for children one to four and four to seven years old.



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