Most Trendy Baby Names from the Bible and Their Meanings (2016-2018)

In the Bible, God puts a high value on names, so much so that some heroes in the Bible are renamed after big moments in their lives. Saul is renamed Paul after his conversion. Jesus calls his disciple Peter (or Petros, meaning “stone”), the rock on which His Church is built. Abram and Sarai become Abraham and Sarah. So it’s very clear that the name you give your child is important!

Maybe you’ve already decided you want to name your child after a biblical character, but who? Here are the top names of 2018 (so far!) plus their meanings, that are from the Bible organized by gender:

Top 10 Baby Girls Names from the Bible

Name Origin Meaning
Ava Hebrew Variation of Eve meaning “life” or “living one.” Or from Latin, avis meaning “bird.”
Hazel Hebrew “God sees”
Sophia Greek “Wisdom,” as seen in Proverbs 9:1.
Isabella Hebrew “Devoted to God”
Abigail Hebrew “Father’s joy”
Elizabeth Hebrew “Oath of God”
Seraphina Hebrew “Fiery-winged,” as in seraphim.
Chloe Greek “Green shoot,” also in 1 Cor. 1:11
Eliana Hebrew “God has answered”
Zoe Greek “Life,” used by Hellenized Jews, from the Hebrew “Eve”

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Top 10 Baby Boys Names from the Bible

Name Origin Meaning
Asher Hebrew “Happy,” 8th son of Jacob, ancestor of one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.
Theodore Greek “Gift of God,” popular name among early Christians.
Noah Hebrew “Rest” or “comfort.”
Elijah Hebrew “My God is Yahweh”
Michael Hebrew “Who is like God?”
Jacob/James Hebrew/Greek “Supplanter”
Levi Hebrew “Attached”
Matthew Hebrew “Gift of Yahweh”
Ethan Hebrew From Jeduthun, meaning “strong, optimistic, enduring, permanent”
Benjamin Hebrew “Son of my right hand”

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