5 Questions Every Parent Should Ask About Bullying

October is National Anti-Bullying Month so we thought we’d share some really important questions each and every parent should consider. Whether your child seems to be friends with everyone in the community or has fewer friends, bullying can happen to kids of any social standing.

5 Questions Every Parent Should Ask About Teen Bullying

The sad truth is that bullies exist, and somewhere each one of them has at least one parent or adult who allowed this sort of behavior. Every parent of a teen needs to ask him- or herself these questions:

  1. Where does my child stand in this stratified teen culture?
  2. What have I taught my child, and what am I teaching him or her about how to treat other people?
  3. What do my actions and attitudes indicate about the importance I personally place on my child’s popularity?
  4. If my child is popular, how much pleasure and satisfaction do I show my teen about that popularity?
  5. If my child is not popular, how much distress and unhappiness do I feel and display to my child?

As parents, we need to be aware of the influence our own thoughts, desires, wishes, and unfulfilled expectations have on our children. Parents also need to be aware of the character of the relationships all our children have with each other. We need to be aware of how those relationships can change, especially around age eleven or right before middle school. Children can be brutal to each other; we know—we’ve been there.

  • Woe to those of us who turn aside and allow our own children to terrorize others.
  • Woe to those of us who turn aside and allow our children to be terrorized, to be bullied, manipulated, and tormented.

Our children may be smart, clever, strong, athletic—but they are all needy. And those positive characteristics can have both a light and a dark side. You need to be aware of which side is shining out of, and shining on, your sons and daughters. It is important for both boys and girls to know the signs of such destructive adolescent behavior, so they can avoid it—in themselves and in others.

Fortunately, most people grow up. Even bullies usually mature, but they must look back in horror at the hurt they caused during this time in their lives. Help your son or your daughter to live their teenage years in such a way they’ll have many good and happy memories of how they came to be who they are. Everyone looks back at adolescence and has regrets; help your teen to gather up as few as possible.

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