8 Free “Love in Action” Kids Activities for Valentine’s Day

8 Free “Love in Action” Kids Activities
for Valentine’s Day

Includes a Bible story, discussion questions, activities, snack ideas, games, and more!


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Valentine’s Day is coming up! Use these fun and easy crafts and activities to show kids how to actively love those around them—not just on Feb. 14 but all year long!

Kids are often told to love others. But, what are some practical ways to do that? In this free lesson, kids will learn about John—known as the disciple of love. Featuring take-home crafts, interactive games, snacks, and more, this free lesson download includes 8 activities that show how to love through words and actions (1 John 3:18). Add them before, during, or after your lesson to jumpstart discussions about loving others. Perfect for elementary (Ages 5-10). It includes:

  • Age-appropriate Bible Story on the Disciple John and Reflection Questions
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • 8 Activities that are Great for Valentine’s Day, such as:
    • Love in Action Craft
    • Heart-y Snack
    • Show Your Love Song/Game

This free eChart is just 8 activities out of the 65 activities from Jesus’ Disciples Instant Bible Lessons. Each full lesson includes a Bible story, key memory verse, and even more activity options!

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Jesus’ Disciples (Instant Bible Lessons)

Jesus' Disciples

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Who were the men closest to Jesus? These Instant Bible Lessons take you inside Jesus’ “inner circle” to learn more about Jesus’ devoted followers, their backgrounds, their strengths and weaknesses, their purpose, and their mission. Find out more about each disciple’s unique personality, his encounters with Jesus, and the lessons we can learn from those who knew Jesus best while He was on earth.

Packed with over 65 quick-prep activities, crafts, and puzzles, this reproducible lesson book shows kids how to follow Jesus in a practical way. As they hear about Peter, John, Thomas, James, and other disciples— kids will also learn about obedience, witnessing, sharing God’s love, using their gifts, and more. Kids will quickly learn their memory verses and apply the lesson to their lives with dozens of hands-on activities.

For each lesson, it includes

  • Age-appropriate Bible Story
  • Memory Verse and Discussion Questions
  • Reproducible Take-Home Sheets
  • Step-By-Step Instructions for Teachers
  • 8 Related Activities: Puzzles, Crafts, Skit Ideas, Games and More!

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“I’ve used this material with great success for the past year in our children’s church program with children from ages 5-11. It has been great! It has a basic Bible story with excellent craft illustrations. It is highly adaptable for different groups of children. It’s been easy to teach and prepare as well as inexpensive. The kids have really enjoyed it and we plan to do the entire series.”— Sharon Thompson, Amazon Customer Review, Instant Bible Lessons

Jesus' Disciples

This Instant Bible Lesson Book doesn’t just provide one activity for each Bible story— it takes it a step further by giving you over 8 activity options per Bible story (that’s over 64 activity options!). Now you can easily customize your lesson! Here’s just some of the reproducible activities included:

  • Love in Action Craft
  • Get Up and Walk Game
  • Hidden Smile Puzzles
  • Eye Witness News Skit
  • Obedience Song (and more!)

Use for Kids Sunday school, kids ministry, VBS, homeschool lessons and for parents wanting to teach their kids more about God. Perfect for Ages 5-10

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