Free Christian Girl’s Guide Download: Peer Pressure

FREE “Peer Pressure” Download From Girl’s Guide to Being Your Best

Enjoy this interactive devotional which includes a fun quiz, 5 helpful tips, and real-life scenarios on how to handle peer pressure!

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Girls often make friends that have the same likes and dislikes—it’s perfectly natural! But, what happens when her friends want to do something that she doesn’t think is right? Without practical examples and lessons, it’s easy for girls to struggle with making the right choices. How can you show her that God gives her all the strength she needs to stand up for herself and what she believes?

Whether by friends or classmates, most preteens will experience peer pressure at some point in their lives. Equip your preteen girls on how to handle peer pressure with this week’s free devotional download from the Christian Girl’s Guide to Being Your Best. As girls read stories of peer pressure, they’ll be learning incredible lessons about standing up for themselves and for others that will last a lifetime! Inspire her with lessons that teach the difference between compromising to help others and giving in to peer pressure to “look cool” or “fit in.” Give her encouraging examples that will show her practical ways to stand firm in her faith.

This free download includes—

  • A fun personality quiz to see if you give in to peer pressure
  • 3 relatable stories of girls in peer pressure situations with reflection questions
  • 5 tips for when you’re faced with peer pressure
  • A cool devotional on standing up for yourself in sticky situations

This is just a couple pages from the top-selling Girl’s Guide to Being Your Best! Packed with interactive stories, puzzles, activities and crafts, the Girl’s Guide to Being Your Best will help your preteen personally connect with God so she can trust in Him for all the ups and downs of life! Get it for just $8.99.

Special Note for Kids Ministry Leaders: Have you ever thought about creating a library for your kids to read when parents are running late or when they are dropped off early? The Girl’s Guide to Being Your Best is a devotional that preteens love— and it is a great way to reinforce the lessons that you teach!


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The Girl’s Guide to Being Your Best

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Young girls face many difficult choices as they grow up, especially once they enter middle school. They are bombarded by the media which says success is about money, looks, and fame. How can you point them in the right direction? Packed with Christian advice for girls ages 10-12, the Christian Girl’s Guide to Being Your Best talks about many of the issues girls face today as they grow up to be young adults, such as dealing with family, friends, boys, school, money, perseverance, image, temptation, and more.

The Girl’s Guide to Being Your Best is for girls who want a road map to living a successful life— God’s way! This easy-to-use book is full of crafts, activities, quizzes and tips that will help encourage and keep girls strong and wise in making good decisions everyday.


Girl's Guide to Being Your Best
  • Fun stories that preteens can relate to
  • Exciting activities, crafts, tips, and thought-provoking questions
  • Covers popular topics such as: family, friends, boys, school, health and many more!
  • Journal Questions — easily helps girls build a relationship with God through journaling

Easily turn these devotionals into a group activity with the discussion questions and crafts. The Girl’s Guide to Being Your Best makes for a perfect devotion first thing in the morning, after-school, or Sunday school.

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“I have five daughters and each of them have LOVED this book! It is fun, filled with great advice and wisdom and great activities too!” —Courtney Girdwood, Customer Review on Amazon
“This book is great for pre-teen girls….my 11 year old niece loves it and she doesn’t really like to read. The book covers many aspects of being a preteen girl including what is success, using Your talents, what is peer pressure and standing up to bad peer pressure, walking with God and sharing your faith, also integrity, honesty and most important—getting along with your family. “— Customer Review on Amazon
“…this book covers all the things girls need to know. Fun quizzes, real life stories, questions, crafts, and fictional stories all make this book great… The greatest thing about it is that it inspired me to start writing books…The author has inspired me so much…” — Customer review on Amazon


Covers Key Topics and Issues Every Preteen Faces!

The Girl’s Guide to Being Your Best devotional includes stories, activities, quizzes, and puzzles for each of these important topics:

  • Resisting Peer Pressure
  • Family Relationships
  • Sharing Your Faith
  • Reading Your Bible, Praying
  • Gossip, Lying, Cussing
  • Being Compassionate
  • Standing Firm
  • Integrity
  • Knowing How to Use Your Talents
  • Setting Priorities
  • God’s Calling
  • How to Not Give Up

Whether you use these devotions in your home or with your youth group, you will be reinforcing key lessons and creatively making a permanent impression on hearts of your preteens! Get it for just $8.99

The Girl's Guide to Life
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3 Unique Ways Girls Get to Connect with God through Girl’s Guide to Being Your Best

Often times, girls are told to have a relationship with God. But, they don’t know what that looks like or how to start. How can they apply what they learn at church to their lives? These fun activities get girls thinking and interacting with God in a way that will grow their trust and relationship with him.

1. Features 11 Exciting Crafts, Activities, and Recipes

  • Make your own one-of-a-kind room decorations, prayer journal, snacks, prayer jar, pillow, DIY chalkboard, and so much more!

2. Explores Real-Life Scenarios & Helpful Tips

    Features dozens of real-life stories and scenarios that preteens can totally relate to and reflect on when they make their own decisions. The journaling section will guide your preteen in starting her own conversations with God and the helpful tips scattered throughout the book will show her how to apply God’s Word to her life.

3. Includes Quick Quizzes Just For Girls

These fun and interactive quizzes help girls connect with the lessons and reflect on their current choices. Some of the quizzes include:

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