Blowout on Easter Activity Book for Kids— Save $12 For 4 Days Only

For 4 Days Only! Save over 70% on this Reproducible Easter Activity Book— Just $4.99 (Reg. $ 16.99)! Enjoy having over 55 activities, interactive games, and crafts on the Easter story. Get it for just $4.99

With Easter coming up soon, now’s the perfect time to start thinking about your Easter celebration or lesson!Packed with dozens of fun, hands-on, and interactive activities, games, and crafts—this incredible book gives you multiple ways to share the Easter story with your kids (and the kids in your community). Whether you use these activities before your lesson or use them to plan a special Easter event, enjoy having everything you need at your fingertips—from snack ideas and lessons to reproducible “invite flyers” and teacher tips. Appropriate for ages 5-10. Fully-Reproducible.

Unbunny Book (Ages: 5-10)
Customer Rating:5 Stars

Imagine having these at your fingertips:

  • 8 Lessons related to the Easter Story (Palm Sunday, Jesus’ Resurrection, and more!)
  • Over 50 games, activities and crafts on the Easter story (Includes reproducible patterns, easy-to-follow instructions, and key scripture references)
  • 9 different quick-prep snack ideas (Each snack is themed and reviews key lessons of the Easter story)
  • Step-by-Step Leader Planning Guide (Explains how to use this book for an outreach, celebration event or lesson. Covers everything from start to finish).

Perfect for children’s church, Sunday School, homeschool, and kids ministries! Get it for just $4.99

“We have used this book for a couple years in planning our Easter celebration for our Sunday School Dept. Good games, lessons, and crafts. Lessons are short and simple. All games have a Bible references connecting the game to a scripture.”
—KidsRgreat, customer review on Amazon

For 4 Days Only! Save $12! Get this Easter Activity Book for just $4.99. Don’t Wait! We have a limited quantity in stock. Offer good while supplies last.


Free Download: Easter Object Lessons and Games for Kids


echartShare these incredible Bible activities with your friends, family, teachers, and kids leaders FOR FREE!

Why do we celebrate Easter? Some kids will instantly say Jesus! First-time guests may think of the Easter bunny. While others can’t help but think of chocolates and candy. How can you make sure your kids know Easter is all about Jesus?

Enjoy having 4 free hands-on games and object lessons on the Easter story that will make the story of Easter easy-to-understand and memorable! From the “clean penny” object lesson to the “cotton ball” relay, each Easter activity includes a Bible reference and easy-to-follow instructions. Appropriate for ages 5-10. Perfect for children’s church, community outreach, Sunday School, homeschool, after-school sessions, and kids ministry! Feel free to share this free download with others!

This free download includes just 4 activities from UnBunny (Easter Activity Book), which is packed with over 65 games, relays, crafts, activities, lessons, and even snacks ideas that share the Good News of Jesus. Save over 70% on this incredible reproducible book today.


For 4 Days Only

Save 70% on the Un-Bunny Easter Activity Book



UnBunny: Easter Activity Book (Reproducible)

Appropriate for Ages: 5-10

What is one lesson you know you will teach every year?…The Easter Story!

Experience the convenience of having over 65 activities, games, crafts, and snack ideas on the Good News Message at your fingertips. Use this incredible book during Easter time (or all year long) as you share about Jesus’ Death and Resurrection. Each activity is quick-prep and includes step-by-step instructions, a Bible reference, and reproducible patterns. Kids will LOVE not just hearing the Easter story—but engaging with it through hands-on activities. Perfect for Kid’s ministry, VBS, homeschool, or for parents wanting to teach their kids more about God.

Features activities for:

  • Palm Sunday
  • The Last Supper
  • Crucifixion
  • The Resurrection
  • Salvation (And more!)
Unbunny Book (Ages: 5-10)
Customer Rating:5 Stars

Includes step-by-step resource on how to create a week-long Easter celebration at your church. Whether you use these activities in your Easter lesson or use them to plan an Easter outreach for kids, this book’s flexible use will have you turning to it for ideas year after year.

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Don’t Wait! Save $12 For 4 days Only! Save 70% on this Easter Activity Book — Just $4.99 (Reg. $16.99). Offer good while supplies last.

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