2 Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids Respect


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Save $10 on Reproducible Craft Books! Imagine having over 60 hands-on craft ideas at your fingertips! Each craft includes an interactive Bible lesson, step-by-step instructions and reproducible patterns. The best part is that each craft uses everyday materials, cutting down on prep time and costs! Don’t Wait! Get both of these reproducible craft books for just one low price of $16.99 (Reg. $27.90). Order now to save $10

Do your kids enjoy making crafts? No doubt! As a teacher (or parent), you know crafts are a great way to engage your kids and help them learn the Bible. You also know crafts can become quite expensive and time-consuming to prep for—which is why we created this “Crafts on a Shoestring Budget” 2-in-1 Bundle! Using everyday items, like paper plates and cups, these fun crafts are designed to get kids excited about the Lord as they cover key topics, such as respect, forgiveness, trust, and more! And with the reproducible patterns and step-by-step instructions, these crafts are easy-to-do!

Enjoy this 2-in-1 Craft Book Bundle, which features:

  • 30 quick-prep Bible lessons that you can use alongside the crafts, featuring memory verses, Bible stories, and discussion questions

Featuring perforated pages and reproducible patterns, these crafts are perfect to use anytime you’ve got elementary kids around, including Sunday School, kids ministry, homeschool, or even at home!

“Very cute and CHEAP ideas in this book!! I love it! I also LOVE the fact that the patterns are reproducible, as I have many children in my family who ALWAYS want to ‘do crafts'” —Kelly Harper, review on Shoestring Budget Book on Christian Book
“These books are perfect for Sunday School classes, Christian schools and even home school groups. Everything you need can be found in your home and the kids learn a valuable Bible story that they will remember as they do the craft and associate it.”—Marliane, customer review on Christianbook
“As a teacher, I would highly recommend this book for Sunday school teachers, home school teachers, VBS workers or parents. This book is great for classes of 20 children or just one. The children were so eager to create these crafts. It really helped them to learn while making their own project.”—G. Moore Bourgeois , customer review on Amazon

For 3 Days Only! Save $10! Get both reproducible craft activity books for one low price of just $16.99 (Reg.$27.90). Offer good while supplies last.



2 Free Bible Crafts on Respect
(Perfect Topic for Grandparent’s Day)

Features Reproducible Craft Templates & Step-by Step Instructions


Share these incredible Bible activities with your friends, family, teachers, and kids leaders FOR FREE!

It’s important for kids to know how to respect others, including their parents and grandparents! But, what does respecting others look like? How can you teach kids the importance of a good attitude?

With Grandparent’s Day tomorrow, now’s the perfect time to talk about “respecting your elders” and the importance of having a good attitude! These 2 hands-on crafts will help kids learn about respect and how to flip their frown upside down! Kids will laugh as they get to make faces in their “mirror craft” and will crack up as they get to literally flip the King’s frown upside down with their King Ahab Cup Craft! The best part is each craft uses materials you already have around your house (or church), such as cups, plates, markers, and glue (which mean less prep time for you!)

This week’s free download from RoseKidz includes:

  • 2 reproducible craft patterns
  • Step-by step craft instructions (including helpful tips)
  • Age-appropriate Bible story on King Ahab that will help kids understand the importance of a good attitude (and why they shouldn’t pout).
  • Memory Verse and Discussion Questions to get kids talking about the lesson

Whether they give these fun crafts to their grandparents or take them home, these hands-on crafts will teach kids to respect others.

This free download includes only 2 out of the 60 crafts included in RoseKidz’s Reproducible Crafts Bundle. Get all 60 hands-on craft ideas along with reproducible templates and step-by-step instructions by ordering this 2-in-1 Book Bundle Today. Buy this bundle now to save $10.


For 3 Days Only

Save $10 on Reproducible Craft Books from RoseKidz

Here’s a brief description of the 2 reproducible craft books featured in this limited-time bundle.



Crafts on a Shoestring Budget (Paper Plates & Cups)

Bible Crafts on a Shoestring Bundet Book (Paper Plates & Cups)

Appropriate for Ages: 5-10

Kids love crafts! And teachers love to use them. But, as a teacher (and parent) you know it is sometimes hard to find the right craft that’s fun, cheap, and age-appropriate.

Enjoy having a reproducible craft book that doesn’t just have 1 or 2 crafts you can use—but over 30 hands-on crafts your kids will love! Featuring reproducible craft patterns, perforated pages, and step-by-step instructions, these Bible crafts get kids excited about and they conveniently use everyday materials you have around your house! Enjoy having over dozens of fun Bible crafts that use everyday material, such as paper plates and cups, and that cover important key Bible stories and topics! Perfect for elementary school ages 5-10!

Features craft ideas and patterns that go along with these key lessons and stories:

  • Jonah (Lesson on Obedience)
  • Elijah (Understanding who God is)
  • Joshua (Lesson on Helpfulness)
  • Solomon (Lesson on Wisdom)
  • Story of the Prodigal Son (Lesson on Forgiveness)
  • Jesus Welcomes Children (Lesson on Self-worth)
  • Jesus Calms the Storm (Lesson on Trust)
  • Kids will also learn about communion, Jesus’ resurrection, and more!

Whether you use them for kids church or in your home, you will be reinforcing Scripture and stories from the Bible and creatively making a permanent impression on the hearts of your children. Use for Vacation Bible school, kids ministries, Sunday school, homeschool, or as a fun activity to do at home with your kids (or grandkids).

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Crafts on a Shoestring Budget (Paper Sacks)

God is Great

Appropriate for Ages: 5-10

Need a fun craft? Want to get kids actively engaged? Enjoy having over 30 fun Bible crafts that will get kids excited about God with this reproducible craft book. Using everyday material, such as lunch paper bags, these crafts are easy-to-make and easy-to-prep! Each craft includes a Bible lesson, step-by-step instructions, and reproducible patterns! Featuring perforated pages, discussion questions, and helpful tips, this reproducible book was designed to save loads of time, so you can focus your energy on what matters most-the kids. Kids will love taking these adorable craft home and say, “Look what I made!” Perfect for elementary school, ages 5-10!

Features craft ideas and patterns that go along with these key lessons and stories:

  • Lazarus (Lesson on Hope)
  • Moses (Eliminating Excuses)
  • Elisha (Lesson on Peace)
  • Zacchaeus (Lesson on Salvation)
  • King Nebuchadnezzar (Lesson on Humbleness)
  • Jesus and the Cross (Lesson on Forgiveness and Repentance)
  • Hannah (Lesson on Thoughtfulness)
  • And More!

Perfect for Kids ministry, children’s church, VBS, homeschool, or for parents wanting to teach their kids more about God.

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