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You want a book for your child that teaches godly values…
They want a book that’s fun to read.
Here’s a book you’ll both love.

Whether you’re a mom, grandparent, or a kids leader, having these create-your-own-adventure books on hand is a great way to teach kids that they can trust God—one choice at a time!

Loaded with humor, adventure, and mind-bending puzzles, Charge to Glory is the newest addition to popular the Time Crashers Series. In this epic create-your-own-adventure, you get to shape this story. Should they escape to safety? Should they stay to help? Who should they follow? Who can they trust? YOU decide!

Dodge bullets and cannon fire in the Civil War with the 4th exciting book in the Time Crashers series! You can help the Time Crashers survive the raging battle as they meet Harriet Tubman, President Lincoln, and the brave soldiers of the 54th Regiment. Dive into valuable Bible lessons from the stories of Moses, Jonah, and Peter, and Jesus’ Great Commandment at every twist and turn! Click here to find out more

Charge to Glory

(Ages: 8-12; 200 pages)
Great for reluctant readers!

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Meet the Time Crashers

Join Ethan and his two best friends Spencer and Jake, as they go on a high-energy adventure through the past in search of Ethan’s dad! How can three normal guys face the dangers of fierce vikings, ruthless pirates, and macho gladiators…and even survive the American Civil War? With Ethan’s leadership, Jake’s brawn, Spencer’s genius, God’s protection, and YOUR help, the Time Crashers can do anything! What are you waiting for? Let’s go save the day! Join the adventure

Each TimeCrashers book includes “choose-your-own adventure options” and features Bible puzzles that link the lessons from the book to Scripture!

Charge to Glory

52 ways series

“My 9-yr old son has read [his Time Crashers] book over 15 times already since he got it for Christmas! He can’t wait for the next book in the series! This has truly been his favorite book of all time! He loves the “choose your own ending” part of this series. Awaiting the rest of the books to come— so hard to do! Great series— Great author”— Julie, Amazon Review on TimeCrasher Series
” This is a great book because it talks about God and choosing your right path. Kids would like it because it has adventure in it and it is fun to choose the adventure — the path that either saves the heroes or dooms the heroes…” — Braxton, Amazon Review

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Although some kids love reading, many children struggle with it. Without a creative way to keep kids’ attention, it’s easy for them to get distracted. Imagine having a fiction book that not only teaches godly lessons—but features interactive activities as well, including puzzles and choose-your-own ending options! Check out RoseKidz’s NEW Time Crashers book by downloading the first chapter here.

Cross space and time with Ethan, Spencer, and Jake as they get zapped from their basement time machine to Civil War South Carolina, where bombs and cannons going off on every side! Unscramble a super secret code with a message from the Bible that the guys can use to remember one of God’s great promises. But wait! Now the guys are being held hostage by the Union army! With less than forty-eight hours before they need to get back to the present, should they go along and try to talk their way out of getting put in leg irons? Or should Ethan, Spencer, and Jake try to escape? YOU decide!

This free chapter includes a mind-bending puzzle to solve and the first exciting part of the NEW Charge to Glory! Get this free download today

Special Note for Kids Ministry Leaders: Have you ever thought about creating a library for your kids to read when parents are running late or when they are dropped off early? Time Crashers is a series both girls and boys love— and it is a great way to reinforce the lessons that you teach! Save 30% when you buy the entire series today.


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new Charge to Glory (Time Crashers Series)

Appropriate for Ages: 8-12

KA-WHOOM! A cannonball whistles past the boys and explodes nearby. In the newest Time Crashers book, Ethan, Spencer, and Jake have landed in the Civil War amidst a runaway observation balloon, an ironclad gunboat, and a Confederate submarine. Readers help the Time Crashers survive the raging battle as they meet Harriet Tubman, President Lincoln, and the brave soldiers of the 54th Regiment. With interactive fun built-in, you get to shape this time travel story. The choices you make either save or doom our heroes.

  • Fun graphics and engaging puzzles throughout the book!
  • “Create Your Own Adventure” format allows readers to be actively engaged as they choose how they respond to the characters and situations of the story.
  • Kids gain historical and biblical insights as they experience the consequences of their decisions.

More Info

Charge to Glory

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new 4-Book Time Crashers Series Bundle

Appropriate for Ages: 8-12

With adventure at the turn of every page, the fate of the Time Crashers is in your hands with these interactive create-your-own-adventure book! Now you can get the entire series

A time machine, three friends, and a dad who is lost in the past. That’s the Time Crashers Series. Loaded with humor, adventure, and mind-bending puzzles to solve, this popular 4-book kids fiction series sends you through an action-packed journey where you can learn to trust God for all your choices. In this epic choose-your-own-adventure, you get to decide the fate of Ethan, Jake, and Spencer! Should the guys surrender into the hands of fierce vikings or make a break for it? Should Ethan go for an epic ride on a sweet chariot in Ancient Rome or stick with his buddies? YOU decide! Find out what happens with just the turn of a page!

More Info

Charge to Glory

Dive into every epic Time Crashers adventure with this BRAND NEW 4-book bundle that includes:

Viking Attack

Caught in a savage Viking raid, the Time Crashers need wits, courage and their faith to save the day. Each adventure includes lessons from the Bible and mind-bending puzzles to help you make the right choice. Dive into wisdom and truths from the Bible so you can get equipped for your own adventures in your daily life! In Viking Attack, follow Ethan, Jake, and Spencer through ancient England when fierce Vikings ruled the land and sea! Can you face bee attacks, killer tides, deadly axes, poisonous snakes, and the beast in the cave? The choice is up to you! ( Book One, Included in the Bundle)

Fire on the Mountain

It sure gets toasty when you and your two best friends travel through time, landing in ancient Pompeii just as Mount Vesuvius spews molten lava all over town! The Time Crashers leap into history only to find themselves desperately trying to return before they get cooked. With interactive puzzles and mysteries built in, YOU shape the story. Learn valuable lessons like the Armor of God and the Fruit of the Spirit with this awesome create-your-own-adventure book! The choices you make either save or doom our heroes. There’s danger at every turn, but the Time Crashers find wisdom and strength in the Bible. Are you ready to face gladiators, an angry mob, a runaway chariot and a roaring tsunami? The choice is up to you! ( Book Two, Included in the Bundle)

BlackBeard’s Revenge


This time the Time Crashers swashbuckle their way through history only to find themselves desperately trying to return before they are forced to walk the plank! Now all three must get to the main mast of a scary pirate ship to return to the present. With interactive puzzles built in, YOU shape the story in Time Crashers: Blackbeard s Revenge. Learn valuable lessons from the stories of the Ten Commandments and the parting of the Red Sea! Discover Bible verses that will show you how to be brave and courageous when the going gets tough! Enjoy this epic third installment of the exciting adventures of the Time Crashers! ( Book Three, Included in the Bundle)

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