4 Ways Technology Can Refresh Your Worship

4 Ways Technology Can Refresh Your Worship

I know what you’re thinking. In our ever plugged-in society, technology makes families feel more fractured than ever. Cell phones, tablets, handheld consoles—everyone’s plugged in to their own devices. One way to bring everyone together is to worship God together. So that means unplugging, right? Not necessarily. Here are four ways for you to allow technology to help you plug in to the Creator.

1. Worship Videos on YouTube

Just about every artist recording today has a live performance video or at least a song lyric video on YouTube. Choose one or a couple to watch as a family and sing along. Stream videos on your phone or TV. You might choose songs with the lyrics on the video or the chords if your family enjoys playing music together.

2. Make a Game of It

Got gamers in your family? Make up a video game scenario with your kids about the faith life. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Grab a piece of paper and let everyone brainstorm. Start with the premise that life with God is a journey toward being with Him forever. How would that translate to a platform game? Where would it begin? Who are the players? What are the stops made along the way? What are the obstacles? Make this a fun, family exercise.

3. Snap and Chat

snapandchatTake a walk around your neighborhood or in the woods and use your phone to record images of God’s glory through creation. Start with prayer and let the Holy Spirit lead you! You might come up with a theme for your images or just wing it. Afterward, you might collect the images your family takes and make a Snapfish or PowerPoint photo collage of memorable images. Talk over each image and how it reflect God’s glory. Include Scriptures that fit each image.

4. Make a Family Playlist

Take suggestions from family members or your local Christian station and make a playlist of tunes on your computer or online. Perhaps a song became a favorite during worship time at your church. If so, jot those down on your playlist. Then for your family worship time, go through some of the songs on your list.

Author Linda WashingtonLinda Washington received a B.A. in English/Writing from Northwestern University (Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences) in Evanston, Illinois (1981), and an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier, Vermont (2012). In her many years in publishing, she has held full-time editorial positions as a curriculum editor at David C. Cook and Ligature Creative Studios (a textbook packager). Linda has authored or co-authored many fiction and nonfiction books for kids, teens, and adults, including God and Me (ages 10-12—Rainbow/Legacy Press); The Soul of C.S. Lewis (with Jerry Root, Wayne Martindale, and others—Tyndale House). Linda currently writes at “El Space,” her personal blog on the craft of writing.







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